Experiential Courses

DiArt offers innovative, personalized courses, workshops and events to the demands of the organizations. We want to promote personal growth, from a social engagement approach that is creative, inspiring and deeply transformative.


Life is a succession of many transitions; moving home, start a new job, start new relationships and end others, children moving out, caring for others or stop caring, reach maturity, and embark on a new life path.  We work with people who experience  any kind of transition in their lives, and wish to learn creative techniques that help them discover extraordinary answers to vital decisions.       

Decision Making

Taking decisions involves identifying the situation, considering different options, evaluating them and choosing the most appropriate ones This can be a difficult process and put our self confidence in doubt. From DiArt, we help to cultivate and enhance our creative capacity while making decisions. It helps us to consider options that our daily lives do not allow us to see. Creative tools help us find solutions in a fun way and with the potential of group work. 

Emotional Wellbeing

Work-life unbalance, and the environment in which we live, make it difficult for emotional well-being to flow naturally. Taking care for oneself and learning to be happy on our day to day, requires new behaviors and actions. Based on the Museum of Happiness methodology created in the United Kingdom, DiArt integrates new techniques of psychology, coaching and mindfulness.  The intention is to help us understand and live happiness, not as an external source, but as a state that comes out of oneself.